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Our fraternity firmly believes in sharing our gift of faith. With respect to our outreach efforts, this translates into a variety of efforts we have undertaken, all of which animates our desire to directly help the parish community of St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church and the Woodbridge community at large! It is also our hope that Canadians in other parts of Canada will find our web site a useful tool for their respective outreach and awareness programs.


We take seriously the opportunities God grants us to "preach the Gospel at all times and use words when necessary." Here is a list of just some of the outreach efforts we been and involved:

  1. Leading a dedicated monthly adoration for St. Peter's Parish
  2. Several awareness campaigns
  3. Our international effort of assisting the mission of our brother in the First Order, Father Albert Gauci, OFM in Honduras
  4. Promoting the recitation of the Rosary


In an effort to promote the importance of Eucharistic adoration and the many benefits known, our fraternity hosts a one hour monthly adoration at St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church. We seek to encourage the parish community to benefit from the divine intimacy of being in Christ's true presence in the Eucharist. It is a time to grace filled time of strengthening, of growing in love of Him, of loving Him just by desiring to be present with Him.



Over the years our fraternity has endeavoured to get involved and become informed on a select few issues and topics and in so doing, we have made sure to share our findings on line. At our Awareness page, you will find information on:

  1. Abortion
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Same Sex "Marriage"
  4. Shroud of Turin

The Mission of Father Albert Gauci, OFM

Our fraternity assists the mission Father Albert Gauci, OFM is a Franciscan missionary in Honduras. We began our missionary efforts in 2004, we have endeavoured to bring awareness and assistance to Fr. Albert with our dedicated page on our web site. In addition, we have also financially assisted him, helping Fr. Albert to purchase the basic necessities for those at his parish in Juticalpa. It has been and continues to be a very interesting effort for our fraternity, coming to understand and provide for the needs of our brothers and sisters in Central America, where poverty takes on a whole new meaning.


Rosary Recitation

When asked by St. Peter's Parish to lead a group recitation of the Rosary, it did not take much convincing. Presenting ourselves as witnesses to the importance of the Rosary is and continues to be a wonderful effort.