Part of St. Peter's Fraternity with Fr. Albert's Summer'2011 visit

Welcome to St. Peter's Fraternity

We are Secular Franciscans of the "Third Order of St. Francis" or the Order Franciscan Secular, located at St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church in Woodbridge, Ontario. Our fraternity is part of the greater Secular Franciscan family of the Trillium Regional Fraternity of Southern Ontario.The humble beginnings of our fraternity in September'1999 began with five individuals. Today our fraternity's membership consists of almost forty individuals and it continues to increase. We have placed the many gifts of our fraternity has received at the service of each other, our community and country.


Over the years we have grown in our understanding of Franciscan Spirituality, the rich tradition of the over 800 year history of the Franciscan Family as well as the charism of St. Francis, that is to live the Gospel life. As the initial group of Secular Franciscans, the "Brothers and Sisters of Penance," immediately became instruments of peace, by refusing to bare arms in the war torn and feuding times of the twelfth century, we also have sought ways to bring peace to today's Canadian society. We have undertaken peaceful initiatives that have been an expression of our sharing our gifts of faith, knowledge and understanding. Information on these initiatives is available at our Outreach page.


Our fraternity's on line presence began in October'2004 with our first web site. It was the beginning of the utilization of technological, computing and other gifts. Today, this work continues with our third web site. Our fraternity endeavours to bring about greater clarity and understanding of the Secular Franciscan life. Following in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi, who was commissioned by God to " my house," we also strive to positively affect the Church.


At this site, you will find information about who we are at our About navigation menu that includes sections on the Origins and History of the Third Order. For those considering joining the Third Order, we have established a dedicated Aspirants navigation menu that will provide detailed information on eligibility requirements, the process of becoming a Franciscan and further information that will help in your discernment. We encourage you to discover the lives of Sts. Francis, Clare and Bonaventure, the founder and early pillars of the Franciscan Family, information that can be found at our Spirituality navigation menu.


If you read enough about the Franciscan Family, eventually you will come to know the famous quote of "preach the Gospel at all times and use words when necessary." This is what we have strived for and continue to work on, be it an awareness campaign, hosting Eucharistic Adoration at St. Peter's Parish, reaching out to our community, our missionary efforts in Honduras and more. This web site was created with the hope that, who we are and our lives as Secular Franciscans, would become more transparent and accessible to you. If it is not God's plan for you to become a Franciscan, we hope that your faith journey has been strengthened by your time at our site and that you leave it as a friend of Sts. Francis and Clare.


Thank you for visiting our site and may you receive a Franciscan blessing of "Peace and All Good."